Best muscle building supplement: Top 9 Supplements in 2023

2022-12-07 16:23:37 By : Mr. Harry Shen

Many people look to maximize their workouts by using supplements that can bolster their muscle growth. There are many popular types of muscle-building supplements on the market with creatine variants and whey protein being perhaps the most popular. 

Whether your goal is focusing on strength building, muscle-protein synthesis improvement, resistance training, or other popular types of training routines, supplements may be able to benefit you. Supplements are only one potential piece of the muscle-building puzzle. Keep in mind that increasing muscle mass requires effective calorie management, optimized exercise, mental toughness, and much more.

Assuming you choose to look into muscle-building supplements, whether a simple whey protein or something stronger, be aware that dangerous protein supplement brands that aren’t FDA approved exist. It’s important to do proper research on each and every brand you consider to ensure everything you take will agree with your body. If you’re unsure whether muscle-building supplements are right for you, please contact your primary care provider and see if there are options suitable for you. 

For those who have determined supplements may benefit them, take a first look at the best muscle-building supplements available today:

Let’s take a deeper dive into each of the above protein supplements, creatine supplements, and other muscle growth supplements to see what sets each apart from the other. 

As our pick for the best supplement to bolster muscle growth, D-Bal Max is a powerful choice produced by Wolfson Brands. With a unique triple action formula that promises results at the gym, you can potentially see a boost in your strength, performance, and overall lean muscle gain. 

Some of the primary features of D-Bal Max include the creation of an ideal anabolic environment inside your body that stimulates muscle growth and performance in three primary ways: 

·       An overall increase in protein synthesis that helps your body rebuild and repair muscle fibers

·       Reduced serotonin (which fatigues muscles during a workout) and increased ATP output

·       Boosted IF-1 (insulin growth factor) and testosterone levels that trigger the growth of new muscle tissue cells

Boasting only natural ingredients that you can trust, D-Bal Max contains:

All of these ingredients target goals such as getting your blood pumping, keeping energy levels high, slowed glucose absorption, and much more. With natural ingredients, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. 

D-Bal Max receives a 4.9/5.0 in terms of effectiveness due to the natural ingredients that bolster muscle tissue development and recovery in a healthy manner. This effectiveness is applied to gaining muscle mass in the form of larger gains in the gym. 

Considering that D-Bal Max is an all-natural supplement for muscle growth that mimics anabolic steroids, it’s safety is guaranteed so long as you follow the recommended dosages listed on the bottle. 

Currently, there are more than 180,000 users of D-Bal Max which has given the brand a high-level of status in the supplement space. They also offer a 100% satisfaction, 60-day guarantee policy that helps build trust in the brand by ensuring every customer gets their money’s worth or their money back. 

·       Excellent potential for muscle growth

·       Includes whey-protein for all day energy

·       Only available for sale online

·       Not friendly for all lifestyles, such as vegetarians or vegans

As a whole, D-Bal Max receives a 4.9/5.0 from their customers along with glowing written reviews, which should speak to the brand image of this company. 

D-Bal Max will be most effective for those who are looking to target rapid muscle growth and increased energy levels during workouts. Given it mimics anabolic steroids in a legal way, it is recommended for those targeting large growth. It is not recommended for vegans or vegetarians as certain ingredients will not agree with this lifestyle. 

DBulk is a popular supplement in the muscle-building space. It causes the effect of anabolic steroids outlined earlier with D-Bal Max. Rather than just allowing you to add on muscle mass, DBulk allows you to build lean muscle mass that helps you to increase strength and performance in the long run. 

DBulk features a number of proven bodybuilding ingredients that aim to help a person reach their highest level of bodybuilding and bulking goals. It provides all of the effects of Dianabol without any of the harmful metals or toxic effects on the body. This supplement is so effective because the ingredients used can quickly be absorbed into the body, helping to boost a workout quickly. 

There are three primary ingredients included within DBulk:

1.     Ashwagandha: Powerful testosterone booster that improves muscle composition and strength 

2.     L-Leucine: Maximizes growth hormones in the body for muscle building and gaining mass via muscle cells

3.     Methylsulfonyl methane: An anti-inflammatory for alleviating joint discomfort and promoting fast recovery 

The effectiveness of DBulk earns a 4.8/5.0 due to the active ingredients included in the supplement. It should be noted that, for optimal results, a consumer should use this supplement for two months to get the best results when trying to gain muscle mass. DBulk also works best when combined with an exercise program and suitable diet. Additionally, DBulk is designed to model Dianabol, which is one of the most effective steroids for bulking in history. As the legal alternative, you can rest assured knowing that DBulk mirrors many of the benefits of Dianabol considering the formula was based off of it.

DBulk is a product that specializes in providing similar benefits as steroids, but in a completely legal manner due to the natural ingredients that are included. During the creation process of this supplement, experts oversee the entire process from start to finish to help ensure it is completely safe. This makes it one of the most reliable and safe supplements on the market as a result. 

With numerous five-star reviews and many satisfied customers, DBulk has built a long-lasting brand due to the product’s effectiveness. More than 550 happy customers left positive reviews, resulting in their perfect five-star rating. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied and 24/7 customer support to solve any problems that may arise.  

·       Rapid muscle growth and increased strength

·       Healthy ingredients for a dietary supplement

·       Relatively expensive starting price point

DBulk has an outstanding five-star review based on customer responses, along with written reviews that speak to the efficacy of this dietary supplement and product in regard to muscle breakdown and trying to gain muscle mass. 

Anybody who is seeking a combination of muscle growth and muscle stamina should consider using this supplement for muscle growth. It may not be best for those who are seeking a supplement that provides more benefits than strictly muscle growth. 

The CrazyBulk Bulking Stack is a unique muscle-gain supplement on this list as it contains more than one supplement with every shipment. With fast delivery within 24-48 hours and free shipping worldwide, the four supplements included in this stack place an emphasis on muscle building to a bodybuilding degree. 

The key features of the CrazyBulk Bulking Stack are geared towards people who are looking to put on pounds fast. The ingredients are all structured to accelerate the bulking process and maximize muscle growth. This is done all while bolstering your energy to help get you through any workout.  

Each order of the stack comes with four main supplements:

1.     D-Bal: Supercharges your workouts and increases muscle growth and stamina

2.     Testo-max: Fosters the boosting of testosterone levels 

3.     DecaDuro: A pre-workout supplement that contains an anabolic formula meant to boost red blood cell production

4.     Trenorol: Aids in general muscle conditioning and allow you to retain more nitrogen which helps to increase red blood cell production

This stack receives an effectiveness rating of 4.8/5.0 due to the range of protein supplements provided with each stack. They all work together to allow you to increase your muscle development and bolster the stamina you experience in your muscles during intense workouts. Each of the ingredients within this bulking stack target a different aspect of bulking, but the greatest level of efficacy will result from following the four-week loading phase followed by a four-week maintenance phase. The maximum amount of time to take these supplements for max efficacy is 16-weeks. 

Due to being a safe alternative to steroids and providing numerous healthy ingredients that focus on muscle growth, this stack is one of the safest on the market. Additionally, the CrazyBulk Bulking stack uses a majority of naturally occurring ingredients within their formula, which helps to ensure the safety of these supplements. 

CrazyBulk is an accredited brand with a range of products to consider. By using natural ingredients, they have proven themselves as a reliable brand. They also have an effective customer service team, not to mention receiving a 4.1/5.0 brand rating on TrustPilot for helping with intense workouts. In addition to all of this, CrazyBulk manufacturers more than 50 individual products, resulting in more than 1,000 customer testimonials through their website. 

·       Multiple supplements mean remembering to take more pills

·       Not suitable for certain groups or certain people

From 55 published reviews, the CrazyBulk Bulking Stack receives a perfect five star review. That goes to show how much customers love this brand’s product. 

Any athletes or bodybuilders who are seeking a safe alternative to steroids and are looking for a legal and healthy way to boost muscle gains should consider this product. It is not suitable for those with a vegan diet or for women who are pregnant or nursing, along with anybody under 18. 

As our first creatine-focused supplement on this list, CrazyNutrition’s CR-5 is one of the most popular on the market today. Helping you gain muscle, increase stamina and energy, and keeping your body hydrated, this supplement is perfect for men and women. 

The most prominently featured ingredients provide you with a faster muscle recovery time, increased overall strength in exercise performance, boosted ATP energy, and hydration through mineral and electrolyte blends. 

There are five primary ingredients within the CR-5 product:

1.     Creatine hydrochloride: This increases muscles mass for weightlifters and helps ease an upset stomach

2.     Creatine monohydrate: The most common type of creatine that can improve strength, stamina, fat loss, and performance

3.     Creatine ethyl ester: Support strong muscle development and composition

4.     Tri-creatine malate: Helps bodybuilders increase endurance for more demanding training sessions

5.     Creatine citrate pyruvate: Offers a considerable boost in energy and performance 

As one of the leading products for creatine supplements, CRN-5 is a trusted and effective option for enhancing any workout. All five ingredients discussed above that are included in CRN-5 are different variations of creatine which, when combined, all allow your workouts to be maximized. Each ingredient has been researched and studied intensely, with the results of these studies indicating that increases in fat-free muscle, improvements in body composition, increases in maximum intensity exercises, and more can all result from these ingredients. 

CrazyNutrition is an established brand with a large group of retained customers, which goes to show the attention to safety that they put into their products. All ingredients used in the formula for CRN-5 are all natural, meaning you don’t need to worry about putting unknown substances into your body. So long as the recommended doses are followed, you will never need to worry about safety with this supplement. 

The CrazyNutrition’s brand receives a 4.6/5.0 brand review due to the numerous benefits the brand offers to users, such as increased exercise performance. Additionally, with more than 200,000 customers having been served, the brand has received a self-accredited five-star review from more than 500 customer reviews across 510,000 products that have been sold. All of this goes to show the satisfaction in the products resulting from the CrazyNutrition brand. 

·       Enhanced muscle growth and stamina

·       Higher level of performance in workouts

The product receives excellent reviews from users and features a 100% money-back guarantee within 60-days that makes it an ideal option. 

Bodybuilders and weightlifters who place an emphasis on building strength and endurance will find the most use out of this product. It is not recommended for people under 18. 

Getting into the testosterone boosters, TestoFuel aims to help you pack on muscle when you were unable to before. By focusing on real muscle growth that reduces body fat and increases strength, this supplement aims to help the muscle building process. 

The key features of TestoFuel that you may experience include, but are not limited to: 

TestoFuel contains all-natural ingredients including D-Aspartic acid, Vitamin D, and oyster extract among others. All of these ingredients aim to help boost testosterone production. 

TestoFuel receives a 4.5/5.0 for effectiveness due to the number of natural ingredients chosen to produce extra testosterone. Numerous name brand weightlifters and bodybuilders vouch for the product which adds to its effectiveness level. All the ingredients used in TestoFuel have been proven individually to help bolster testosterone production.

While you always need to be cautious with testosterone supplements, TestoFuel is a safe and reliable source for improving testosterone production. Due to the use of natural ingredients, adverse effects are rare with TestoFuel, with the only potential health risk being oyster extract that could cause an allergic reaction in some. 

The TestoFuel brand has an excellent reputation for building muscle mass and is used by accredited weightlifters such as Mr. Olympia Master Robby Robinson. Numerous sellers of this brand boast positive reviews from those who have purchased products, with results including the ability to gain muscle, increased healthy muscle tissue, better lean body mass, and more. Amazon gives the brand 4.3/5.0 based on more than 245 customer reviews, TotalShape provides them with a 4.9/5.0 rating based on 80 reviews, and the brand itself lists countless testimonials on their page that speak to their reputation.

·       Increased muscle growth and mass

·       Potentially unnecessary for those with high testosterone naturally 

·       Not suitable for all age groups

TestoFuel receives countless positive and glowing written reviews for the product, with the only complaint being the number of capsules in each shipment. 

Anybody who finds themselves naturally low on testosterone should consider using a testosterone booster such as this. 

Similar to TestoFuel, Testogen is another all-natural testosterone enhancing supplement that you should consider. 

With just four capsules a day, Testogen promises to provide a user with improved energy, performance, lean muscle growth, libido and fat loss. The formula is built to support male health and wellness through testosterone levels. 

There are 11 primary ingredients included in Testogen including:

Testogen receives a 4.0/5.0 for its effectiveness. On Amazon, more than half of the 1,500 global customers who left a review also left a five-star rating, which speaks to the effectiveness of this supplement when trying to build muscle mass. Studies on Testogen as a whole are still being performed for its efficacy on maintaining muscle growth, but the individual ingredients used within their muscle supplement formula have been proven testosterone boosters throughout the years. 

Testogen is a safe alternative to other harmful testosterone boosters, while also offering energy and mood benefits. There are no known adverse health effects resulting from Testogen use. Follow the guidance for Testogen use, taking only the recommended dose listed on the bottle, typically four doses a day. 

Testogen receives a 4.8/5.0 in regard to its brand reputation due to a wide number of positive reviews. This rating is primarily driven by the fact that Testogen is used by more than 75,000 people every year, each of whom reports key benefits such as feeling years younger and reinvigorated with their exercise performance. 

·       Improved muscle growth and stamina

·       Improved mood and energy levels

Testogen receives a large number of accredited reviews that speak to the product itself for trying to build muscle mass as well as the customer service of the company.

This product is not suitable for those under 18 and for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it may cause a person to eclipse healthy testosterone levels. 

A brand covered earlier, BrutalForce offers a muscle stack that includes five different bulking supplements that target increases in muscle growth and stamina. 

Each shipment comes with five primary products that combine to offer large muscle growth and endurance benefits. 

The five ingredients included with each shipment include:

The large number of positive reviews for this stack speaks to the effectiveness of each supplement in and of itself for trying to burn body fat. Each ingredient included in the muscle stack is a legal alternative to an illegal steroid, meaning that you can expect to receive the same benefits in a completely legal way. With a five-star product review resulting from more than 7,000 customer reviews, along with nine out of 10 customers recommending this product to friends and a 98% customer satisfaction rate, you can rest assured knowing this is an effective brand. 

As covered earlier, BrutalForce is a safe and accredited brand to add into your normal diet. All products are manufactured in a controlled environment using an FDA approved, GMP-certified facility that allows for only the best of products to be produced. 

As covered earlier, BrutalForce is an accredited brand with a large number of positive customer reviews as one of the best muscle-building pills. While supplements are outside of FDA jurisdiction, BrutalForce is an FDA approved brand, which speaks to the quality of their products. 

·       Five products within each shipment to maximize gains

The muscle stack grouping receives an impressive 4.5/5.0 stars based on 129 responses, making it one of the most popular supplements on the market. 

Anybody who is looking for hardcore bulking products in one shipment and has a focus on muscle growth and improved muscle endurance should look into this product. Those who are under 18-years-old should not. 

The Black Muscle Pump is an extremely effective and prominent product used widely today that should be considered by any weightlifter or bodybuilder. 

The NO2 Black Muscle Pump boasts features including increased endurance and stamina, supported muscle growth and recovery, muscle fullness and hardness, no jitters, improved power, and enhanced blood flow. 

There are six primary ingredients in this supplement:

NO2 Black Muscle Pump is an extremely effective product as a muscle supplement given the extensive positive reviews it has received. Customers are quite satisfied with this product, with it receiving a 4.0/5.0 on Amazon across 1,000 reviews, a 5.0/5.0 review across GNC’s customer base, and a five-star rating from the brands’ own customer base. On top of all of this, small factors such as the non-inclusion of caffeine in their supplement to avoid the constriction of blood vessels goes to show the thought and benefits included with their product. 

This product from MRI Performance is completely safe for use. NO2 Black Muscle Pump is also stimulant free and features no booster in its formula. Be sure to only follow the recommended dose based on your weight to ensure that you do not experience any potential side effects such as too much muscle fatigue. 

MRI Performance is an established brand with a large range of products, meaning you can trust that you are getting a product from a reliable brand that can help to boost muscle growth. At Medical Research Institute Performance, a team of pro experts study and use only the highest quality ingredients in their various products. They also recently received accreditation as a 2022 certified Veteran Friendly Business Enterprise in their home state of Ohio, which helps ensure they are accredited as muscle gain supplements. 

With a five-star review based on 73 reviews, you can rest assured knowing this product is of the highest quality. 

Those targeting hyper pumps, stamina, power, and more should all consider using this product. Due to the strong ingredients, no one under 18-years-old should use this product. 

TestRx is the final testosterone booster on this list that utilizes natural ingredients to help you pack on pounds of lean, hard muscle. 

The primary features of TestRx include increased muscle mass, having more energy, boost your overall strength, achieve weight loss, and cranking up your libido. 

The effectiveness of this brand is ensured by the countless positive reviews they have received by customers throughout the years. They receive a 4.7/5.0 effectiveness rating, with the only drawback being the length of time for results to be visible. Numerous consumer tests concluded that results from the first week weren’t visible on average, the second week is when things started to kick off, and two months in is when things will become apparent. 

This is an effective and safe solution for low testosterone. Be sure to follow all recommended doses. TestRx is safe for use primarily due to the fact that it uses all natural ingredients, so as long as dose recommendations are stuck to then no adverse side effects should occur. Additionally, all products are manufactured at a cGMP-compliant facility, and the company will even send a Certificate of Freshness with your order as proof. 

This is an accredited brand that aims to serve their clients to the highest degree with 24/7 dedicated support and 67 days return with no questions asked. As a result, they have built a strong brand reputation throughout the years, allowing them to earn a 4.0/5.0 rating on Amazon across hundreds of reviews. 

·       Higher starting price point than others on the list

·       Not suitable for all groups

Hundreds of thousands of trusted customers use this product and have left glowing reviews along with photos of their transformation to show how excellent this product is. 

Anybody with low testosterone should consider using this product. It is not recommended for people under 18. 

As always, safety is the first consideration when looking for the best muscle-building supplement. Fortunately, all of the brands mentioned above are renowned muscle-building supplement organizations that can provide you with products geared towards meeting your goals. Our ranking system prioritizes this quality above all else. 

Considering that all of our mentioned brands are safe and reliable, some of the key points we took into account developing our rankings were:

·       The effectiveness of the supplement over time 

·       All of the ingredients included in the formula for the muscle building supplements to ensure there is nothing unnecessary included

·       Customer reviews to gain a better hands-on understanding of the supplement from the buyer side 

·       The target goal of each type of rapid muscle growth supplement, whether energy focused, protein focused, or something more

·       Overall pros and cons for the supplement

Just because a specific brand or supplement didn’t make our list doesn’t mean that it won’t work or that it is unsafe. The nine best muscle-building supplements included on our list simply stand out due to the above factors. At the end of the day, choosing a supplement that works for you and one that is both safe and reliable is what you should always strive to do. 

With the extensive list above outlined for you, actually making a decision on which supplement is right for you is undoubtedly daunting. There are a number of key factors that you should consider when making this decision. Use some of the following crucial questions and topics to guide your research on picking the best muscle growth supplement:

Understanding the ingredient list used in the creation of a muscle-building supplement is important for two primary reasons. First, it allows you to identify whether there are any unusual ingredients that may trigger known or unknown allergies. Second, you may be aware already that a certain ingredient has little to no effect on your body.

Start your supplement search by examining each ingredient included and researching any that you are unfamiliar with to see their purpose and what they are derived from. Ingredients can range from all-natural to lab-created, so developing an understanding of this list can help guide your search. 

For those unfamiliar with these terms, an additive is a substance added to food that is used to preserve flavor or enhance taste. Sometimes, additives can have an unhealthy background that makes them not ideal to add into your diet. GMO food, or genetically modified organisms, are foods that have been created in a way that does not occur naturally. During this process, certain unhealthy chemicals may be added into your food.

It’s important to note that not all GMOs and additives for post workout supplements are bad. In fact, many foods qualify as genetically modified in today’s day and age. However, it’s simply important to be aware of how many non-natural chemicals you are putting into your body with any supplement. 

Not all of the best muscle-growth supplements are made for any age group. Due to certain chemicals or ingredients, there may be age restrictions on a supplement that you are looking at purchasing. First, ensure you are the recommended age for the supplement you wish to purchase. Second, take the time to look into the ingredient list to determine why there is an age restriction in the first place. 

A good brand that has a strong reputation can provide you with far more confidence in your purchase as opposed to an unknown name and product when looking for the best muscle supplements. Additionally, finding FDA approval for a name brand company will be far easier than trying to track down whether or not a niche brand has received the approval they need to be selling their products. 

Happy customers are an excellent indication that a product is providing intended results. When looking through customer reviews, take the time to read the negative reviews as well. No company has 100% positive reviews and finding a couple negative reviews amidst countless positive reviews can help you be reassured that the reviews are from real people. 

When testing out a new muscle-building supplement, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that not every product will work with your build or give you the results you want. In this case, you’ll want to be sure that you have an effective guarantee of a refund or some type of return policy that allows you to get some money back from your purchase.  

One additional major factor to consider when choosing between different supplements to boost muscle growth and increase muscle mass is what your goal is. Different growth supplements target different categories when it comes to muscle growth, so picking the right type if imperative. There are four main categories to consider:

Some workout supplements, such as preworkout, are designed to specifically enhance your performance during exercise itself. The target of this supplement type is the enhancement of workout endurance, energy levels, and long-standing muscle recovery after your workout is complete. 

Ingredients such as natural caffeine may be used to give you an energy boost during your workout, but a company may also add L-Theanine into their mix. This amino acid is known to reduce the jitters that caffeine can sometimes cause and can even help you increase your focus on tasks. Other chemicals may target different parts of the body, such as the common L-Citrulline which dilates blood vessels naturally to increase oxygen flow.

The second common type of muscle growth supplement seen today are HGH supplements. Standing for human growth hormone, this supplement type is often taken by athletes to help bolster workout performance and ensure that muscle tissue stays healthy and strong. There is some evidence to support that HGH releasers also help improve your metabolic speed, aiding in the burning of fat.

Testosterone, as you may likely know, is an essential hormone that is required in the human body. Larger amounts of testosterone can aid in muscle building, but as you age, the level of testosterone in your body will begin to decrease. For this reason, some supplement companies place a focus on boosting testosterone levels through chemicals such as green tea extract and D-aspartic acid.

Mass-gainer supplements are another extremely common type of supplement that are taken with the purpose of increasing purely lean muscle mass. For those people who are looking to add on pounds by increasing the amount of muscle in their body, mass gainer supplements may be of use. 

With all of the above information at hand, it’s normal to wonder about the breadth of benefits that the best muscle-growth supplements offer. While muscle-growth supplements may not be for everyone, some of the potential benefits that a user may notice include:

·       More efficient recovery following a workout

·       Improvements in immune health and overall muscle preservation

·       Greater blood flow to muscles during periods of exercise

Keep in mind that no muscle-growth supplement is one-size-fits-all. What works for one person may not work with your body, so discovering pre-workout supplements, rapid muscle-growth supplements, whey protein powder supplements, or other types that work for you should be your goal.  

While there are numerous benefits to muscle-growth supplements, there are some potential side effects that can occur when putting on muscle gains via supplements. Even the best supplements for muscle development may cause:

·       Lethargy: While temporary energy boosts are great, some muscle-growth supplements may cause a feeling of lethargy immediately after the energy boost begins to fade 

·       Fatigue: Along with lethargy, a person may experience some level of fatigue, rather than increases in muscle mass, from unregulated supplements or supplements where a wrong dose was taken. 

·       Low mood: In some cases, a person may develop a chronic low mood using certain supplements

·       Irritability: Short-term side effects of some testosterone boosters may cause mood swings that can potentially result in irritability

·       Poor concentration: The interaction between certain chemicals included in some muscle-growth supplements may react badly with current vitamins or treatments and result in side effects such as poor concentration. 

·       High blood pressure: Unregulated muscle-growth supplements may potentially increase a person’s risk for high blood pressure among other issues 

·       Kidney damage: Breaking down chemicals can be challenging for your kidneys if they are non-natural, which is why you should avoid supplements that have a majority of GMOs. 

·       Liver damage: A supplement that comes with too high a dosage for your height, weight, body type, or age can result in certain issues when the supplement is broken down by your liver. 

·       Cardiovascular issues: Long term use of certain supplements that enhance energy levels and stimulate your heart rate could potentially lead to cardiovascular issues if unsafe dosage levels are used. 

Remember that at the end of the day a supplement is only that: a supplement. Even the best muscle supplements are only meant to enhance progress towards goals, rather than be the item that allows you to meet those goals. That’s why taking certain steps to boost the effectiveness of muscle growth supplements should always be at the top of your mind. Consider the following tips:

For those of you looking to cut weight, following a healthy diet that allows for a caloric deficit, combined with a muscle-growth supplement, can help you cut fat faster and increase your muscle mass. Those of you looking to put on pounds may benefit from a caloric surplus combined with mass-gainer supplements that are high in proteins and calories. Regardless, always consult a primary care provider before attempting a new or severe diet that you are unsure about. 

Progress is not a race, rather it is a marathon. Even the healthiest and strongest supplement meant to help build lean muscle mass won’t work overnight. To promote muscle growth, you will need to dedicate time to building muscle strength, which means you may need to take workout supplements for a number of months or years. This is why ensuring you are only taking healthy supplements should always be at the forefront of your mind. 

Those who sleep less than six hours a night frequently have less muscle strength than counterparts who get more than seven to eight hours of sleep. Be sure to get rest each and every night to ensure your muscles have the time they need to grow and to avoid muscle soreness. 

Stress results from a chemical known as cortisol, which is catabolic. This means that it breaks down molecules in your body and can inhibit protein synthesis. When this occurs, your body will have a more difficult time building muscle because there are added chemicals in your blood that break those structures down. Aim to be as stress-free as possible to see more benefits from workout supplements and help with muscle soreness. 

It’s not enough to eat thousands of calories per day if you are trying to put on weight or to simply cut back on all food if you are trying to lose weight. What you eat has a major impact on your weight levels, energy levels, sleep levels, muscle mass, and more. Try to eat healthier proteins and carbs, as opposed to processed foods to ensure you give your body the fuel it needs. 

Overall, you are responsible for managing your own weight. This means taking ownership of going to the gym on a consistent basis, making healthy foods, optimizing exercises that target your goals, and more. All the supplements in the world will do nothing if you do not put in the work to manage your own weight. 

There are a number of supplements on the market that promote muscle-growth benefits, but D-Bal Max is our pick. Due to increased protein synthesis that helps your body rebuild and repair damaged muscle fibers, along with bolstering levels of muscle ATP, D-Bal Max targets muscle growth better than most other supplements on the market today. 

There are a number of things that can help you build muscle faster than normal. Starting with what you can focus on in your daily life, adequate sleep and hypertrophy workouts are an excellent place to begin. Aim to get at least seven to eight hours a night to enhance muscle growth and aim for lower weight and high reps in the gym to increase the breakdown of muscle tissue.

Choosing to add an effective mass-gainer supplement into your diet can potentially give you the boost you need for ideal muscle development. 

The decision of whether or not to use a muscle-building supplement is an entirely personal one. If you have had trouble putting on muscle in the past despite a healthy diet, regular gym workouts, and crossing off all other items, attempting a healthy supplement may benefit you by helping to boost muscle growth. Just be sure to only take supplements that agree with your body and that provide you with results. 

For those who are active and attempting to put on muscle yet have been unable to see any gains despite plenty of gym workouts, sleep, and an excellent diet, a muscle-building supplement may potentially help. It’s more important to focus on ensuring you take the right type of supplement for your goals. 

Quit taking muscle-growth supplements if you notice consistent and major side effects such as abnormal muscle fatigue or pains, delayed onset muscle soreness, nausea or confusion, persistent headaches, gastrointestinal issues, and other potential side effects. If you are worried about any side effects for muscle-growth supplements you are considering taking, consult with your primary care provider ahead of time. 

CrazyBulk Bulking Stack is our pick for the best bodybuilding muscle growth supplement available today. This kit provides four different supplements to choose from that can all target serious gains in the gym. The idea is to provide rapid bulking and muscle growth by providing users with D-Bal, Testo-Max, DecaDuro, and Trenorol which helps focus on different levels of muscle endurance and strength.

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